The Ionic Team

Simon Savage (MBA, MAICD), Managing Director

Technology commercialisation and stakeholder relations Simon’s background in management consulting and foreign relations drives Ionic’s collaboration-based business model.  Founder and Director of the Australian Graphene Industry Association.

Peter Armitage (FCA, FAICD), Chairman

Experienced company director, governance and financial management with a long history in Australian listed companies Business strategy  credentials.

Dr Phillip Aitchison, Chief Technology Officer

One of Australia’s first and most highly recognised commercial graphene scientists and a leading expert in the field of supercapacitor technologies.

Neil Wilson, Non-Executive Director

Engineering, manufacturing and research commercialisation with deep experience in advanced manufacturing and delivering new technologies form early stage prototypes to commercial production

Paul Zientek, Chief Manufacturing Advisor

Specialising in advanced coating technologies and manufacturing operations with a background in some of Australia’s leading technology success stories.

Dr. Meysam Sharifzadeh, Research and Development Manager

Over 5 years working on graphene energy storage systems, Specialising in supercapacitor materials processing, device fabrication and prototyping.

Prof. Mainak Majumder, Monash University, Chief Scientific Advisor

World-leading materials scientist specialising in carbon and graphene and the head of the newly-formed Industry Transformation Research Hub on Advance 2D Materials.

Dr. Parama Chakraborty Banerjee, Monash University, Energy Research Lead

Specialising in electrochemistry, 2D materials and corrosion – widely recognised as a world leader in graphene micro supercapacitors.