April Update: Research progress, new team members and new investment

Since our last update in February, we’ve been busy working across all of our reserach programs overcoming a range of technical challenges and bringing us closer to commercial outcomes. We also have a number of new people in our research teams and welcome several new shareholders to our list of investors.

Research Update

We recently finished all of the testing required to support our MICRENs patent application. The results were all as expected, demonstrating that we can achieve consistent results over many repetitions of our work. We now move into the next phase of work on creating more sophisticated devices that will be closer to meeting the specific performance requirements in our target markets.

Our work on water treatment technlogies has continued with Clean TeQ in the context of our government-funded CRC-P program. We faced a number of challenges over the past 2 months as we moved to larger scale production, however these have been largely overcome now and we look forward to progressing our commercialisation plans with Clean TeQ in the coming months.

Unfortunately, over the past few months we have encountered some logistics and administration challenges that have delayed receipt of critical materials. This means we will need to slightly extend some of our deadlines by about 6-8 weeks in both the water and supercapacitor programs. While this is frustrating, we are fortunate that these problems are all solvable and not particularly surprising as we are dealing in a complex global supply chain with advanced materials coming from places as diverse as India, China and the United States.
New Team Members

In March, we welcomed two new members to the Monash research team. These researchers will deliver much needed expertise to support the next stages of our research in both energy storage and water treatment.

Dr Meysam Sharifzadeh joins us from Nanyang Technical University in Singapore bringing expertise in materials science and device design and fabrication. His expertise will be critical as we enter the next stage of our supercapacitor program where we need to consistently produce many prototype devices for use in testing and up-scaled production processes.

Dr Sebastian Hernandez joins the Monash team from the University of Kentucky (USA) bringing specific knowledge in chemical-environmental engineering processes, separation processes and nanocomposites. He has arrived in time to contribute critical expertise to support the scaled production of our water treatment technologies and testing in industrial applications.
Capital Raising

We are also please to report that Ionic has been able to raise a further $200,000 through unsolicited applications and private share placement. We are delighted that we are attracting the attention of new investors who see the value in what we’re doing and with the confidence to invest in us.