Keep up with Ionic Industries

Ionic is built on the strength of our relationships and our collaborative approach to R&D and commercialisation of technologies. In keeping with this we aim to keep all our shareholders, friends and allies up to date with what we’re doing (to the extent possible without compromising commercially sensitive information). You can find all the latest updates on Ionic's presentations, research and planning.

Australia’s Next Graphene Technology Powerhouse

We are excited to announce that we have concluded a deal with Imagine Intelligent Materials for the acquisition by Ionic of all Imagine Assets, including plant and equipment, IP and commercial relationships. With this acquisition, Ionic is positioned to become an Australian graphene powerhouse, with a portfolio of advanced nano-technologies covering energy storage and sensing […]

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August 2021 Update

We are pleased to present an update on our operations for August 2021. Ionic Manufacturing Scaleup Progress We are pleased to announce that we have finalised the schematic design for our supercapacitor ink production and electrode material manufacturing facility. This is the culmination of over 18 months of planning, technology refinement and equipment trials. Our […]

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Successful Capital Raising

As we’ve bid farewell to 2020 and begin 2021, we are pleased to announce that we have been successful in raising over $2 million dollars though a capital raising with Melbourne Capital Limited. Funds were raised from qualifying investors, being s708 sophisticated, institutional investors, licensed securities dealers and other exempt investors. The funds will be used […]

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Monash – Ionic Collaboration

Ionic Industries has extended its collaboration agreement with Monash and will benefit from the energy storage expertise that has led to recent Li-S technology advances. Over the past few days we have received a large number of inquiries regarding our work and collaboration with Monash University, and specifically with Professor Mainak Majumder and his team.  We […]

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