Keep up with Ionic Industries

Ionic is built on the strength of our relationships and our collaborative approach to R&D and commercialisation of technologies. In keeping with this we aim to keep all our shareholders, friends and allies up to date with what we’re doing (to the extent possible without compromising commercially sensitive information). You can find all the latest updates on Ionic's presentations, research and planning.

Ionic Joins StorEnergy ARC Training Centre for Future Energy Storage Technologies

Ionic is proud to announce our affiliation with the StorEnergy Training Centre for Future Energy Storage Technologies. This will play an important role in our development of next-generation energy storage technologies to bolster our existing technologies in graphene supercapacitors. The Centre’s website is here: The governemnt’s announcement of this initiaive can be viewed here: […]

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Origami Cap Demo

Working with nano-materials means that the magic often happens at the microscopic scale which is difficult to observe … however, we’ve recently developed a number of prototype supercapacitor devices using our graphene technologies and here is a video of one of these devices in operation … it’s an amateur video, but we figured we’d rather […]

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April Update: Research progress, new team members and new investment

Since our last update in February, we’ve been busy working across all of our reserach programs overcoming a range of technical challenges and bringing us closer to commercial outcomes. We also have a number of new people in our research teams and welcome several new shareholders to our list of investors. Research Update We recently […]

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Research update, commercial products and industry outreach

We everyone’s had a great start to 2018. While we had a bit of a slow down over the Christmas / New Year period the year has started off at a frantic pace with exciting initiatives in a number of areas. Research Update It’s been 5 months since we filed our most recent patent on […]

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