Keep up with Ionic Industries

Ionic is built on the strength of our relationships and our collaborative approach to R&D and commercialisation of technologies. In keeping with this we aim to keep all our shareholders, friends and allies up to date with what we’re doing (to the extent possible without compromising commercially sensitive information). You can find all the latest updates on Ionic's presentations, research and planning.

AGM Presentation

Ionic Industries hosted our Annual General Meeting today. It was wonderful to engage with a number of our shareholders in an insightful discussion and great to see enthusiasm building around our work. Our presentation from the meeting is attached here… Ionic Industries AGM Presentation

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AGM and Annual Report

For all those folks who didn’t receive the official communication, our AGM is at 10:00 on 1 December at the office of Grant Thornton, Rialto – North Tower, Level 30, 525 Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria. Please see Notice of Meeting and Annual Report (attached). For those who can make it, we’ll look forward to seeing you […]

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Graphene: the miracle material explained

For those folks not familiar with graphene and the technology revolution it heralds, here’s a great introductory piece… TechRadar – Graphene: the miracle material explained  

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Clean TeQ / Ionic Industries Partnership

Ionic Industries is pleased to report it has agreed the framework of a partnership with Clean TeQ (ASX:CLQ) for the development and commercialisation of Ionic’s graphene-based water filtration technologies. Subject to the agreement receiving the approval of Monash University, the partnership will see Clean TeQ funding a substantial programme of works for product development and […]

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Global Graphene $400 million by 2023

It remains to be seen whether graphene can be addressed as a commodity for which there is a singular market, however the numbers are impressive! Global Graphene $400 million by 2023 Global graphene market size is likely to be worth more than USD 400 million by 2023. Production capacity is expected to exceed over 9 […]

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Experts roundup: on Graphene Oxide for composites

Ionic’s energy storage and nanofiltration technologies are based on our advanced understanding and ability to produce Graphene Oxide (GO). It’s great to see some attention paid to this important derivative of graphene which is far more likely to be commercially applied in the near term. 

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