June 2023 Update

Operation Progress

Following our last update, we have continued to scale up production of the GeoFabrics Bidim-C product for leak detection in geo-textile applications.  Over the next 2 months, we will ramp up capacity and we have orders for as much as we can produce over the next 12 months.  We will be introducing a range of technology improvements and business model optimisations over the coming months that should see our margins improve.

On our supercapacitor work, we have recently achieved a significant performance improvement that will broaden the range of superior performance characteristics and widen the potential types of supercapacitor devices that we can take to market with our unique graphene electrode materials.

Our joint development work with Mohawk Flooring is nearing completion of the first phase that should clearly identify the market opportunities for smart flooring products and direct the global marketing and product development pathway for those technologies.

We are also nearing the completion of the first phase of our joint development work with Continental AG, incorporating graphene materials into industrial belt products.  The final piece of this phase will involve a new scope of work that we have commissioned in collaboration with the team and Monash University, and which should result in some very exciting new technologies, with broad application across all of our targeted IoT and sensing applications.

Note that this is a reprint of an email sent to our mailing list on 23 June 2023.