Warwick Grigor calls out Ionic Industries’ lithium sulfur battery technology

Veteran stockpicker and graphene technology investor, Warwick Grigor, has called out Ionic Industries’ lithium sulfur battery technology in a presentation to investors at the Battery Materials Investor Roadshow event on 17 August 2016.  Mr Grigor noted four different lithium-ion technologies, including lithium sulfur.  He went on to describe Ionic’s use of proprietary graphene membranes to coat the sulfur cathode in a Li-S battery.  Ionic’s patented innovation prevents degradation of the cathode to greatly increase cycle life and bring the technology closer to a commercial product and realising the extraordinary performance characteristics possible with a Li-S battery.

Ionic is delighted that its technology is gaining attention and looks forward to continuing positive exposure as we progress our research programs and product development in preparation for future expansion activities.